Friends of Manchester Gardens

Join our Seven Sisters Ward Councillors Barbara, Dhiren & Erdal to help clean up Manchester Gardens.
For more info, contact Barbara (phone: 07812 677740;

Come along to help!
Equipment & refreshments provided, as well as neighbourly camraderie!


Sunday 23 September 12-2pm

Last time in August, we collected 46 bags, which were removed by the Council (big THANK YOU!). There is still litter to collect.

Sunday 19 August 12-2pm

Manchester Gardens is in terrible state. This is very sad given how beautifully it was restored with an opening by the Mayor of Tottenham.

Problems are:

  • Weeds
  • Litter
  • Overgrown plants
  • Thorny plants growing across the pavement
  • Dog poo

The Council do a couple of pruning sessions per year. They also cut the grass.
Council litter picking is unclear. This is clearly not enough to maintain Manchester Gardens. Council budgets have been cut.

A clear-up session was originally planned for Sunday 29 July. This was cancelled due to heavy rain.

However, some brilliant people got the clear-up going with major pruning around the Heysham Road gate.